Thursday, August 22, 2019

Can I get discount? Workshop at Wa.

Ikebana Workshops for Beginners
1-5pm, Saturday 31 August 2019 - Ichiyo School
10am-5pm, Sunday 1 September 2019 - Sogetsu School Shoso Shimbo Group
Duration: 50 min
Venue: Yellow Room, Rosina (Yellow Room is next to Rosina Auditorium)
Fee: $35 per person. Father's Day Special ($60 for 2) & Father's Day Family Discount ($100 for 4) - available Sunday only*.

*  There have been many interpretations/misunderstandings about our discounts. Our discount tickets are to encourage a family outing on father's day. Both discounts are for family members only, i.e. the two or four participants have to be the same family (father & daughter, father & son, or family of four).

Q: If I buy 2 tickets, do I get discount?
A: No. The two participants have to be the same family members.

Q: If I buy 1 ticket for Saturday, and 1 ticket for Sunday, do I get discount?
A: No. Discount is available only on Sunday.

Q: Saturday class and Sunday class are the same?
A: No. They are similar but different. Different Ikebana schools teach a basic style differently.

Q: Can mother & child get a discount on father's day?
A: Yes. Please also consider our "Ikebana for Kids" class.

Ikebana for Kids
1pm & 2pm, Sunday 1 September 2019
Duration: 45 min
Venue: Rosina Auditorium
Age: Year 1 - Year 6
Fee: $25


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